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    Increase production capacity

    The production line can be applied to the production of double glass, half piece and other components of different specifications. Provide equipment and process optimization according to process flow, realize automation of production process, and improve production capacity quickly


    The production line features smart detection system and automatic fault alarming system to ensure reliable running of the production line. The control system adopts PLC control, user-friendly design and touch screen operation.

    Overall solution

    The design and development team can make plant layout, equipment matching and production line planning according to customer needs, and provide the overall production line scheme of the system.

    Technical team

    Installation team and quick response after-sales team, with high-quality service to ensure the smooth production and stable operation of the production line.

    Quality assurance

    The main parts and electrical components of the production line are well-known brands to ensure the quality.

    Competitive power

    Continuous innovation and optimization of the production line, while ensuring stable production and improving efficiency, saves space and operators, and improves product competitiveness for you.